A lot of people will agree that this election has been one of the most polarizing in recent history.  You can't log on to social media without seeing a meme or reading a massive wall of text proclaiming that one candidate is the obvious choice.  It's hard to deal with friends and family constantly posting their thoughts on politics.  But, how about when one of your favorite restaurants goes on a rant?

Fricano's Pizza, a local restaurant on Alpine Ave. in Grand Rapids, decided to take their political views to Facebook, and their fans did not appreciate it!  Not only did the pizzeria post a long explanation of their views, they also began to argue with fans about their political views.

As someone who is already sick of people posting political memes and soap boxy diatribes about why I should support their candidate, this post is very off putting.  Do you think that businesses should post their views on their social media pages?

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