Meet Ben.

Ben is 24 years old, and has Asperger's syndrome. Ben lives right here in West Michigan. Ben is also gay.

Like many young gay people in this world today, Ben has faced a lot of negativity in his life. Not only from his peers, but also from his own parents, and his church.

According to this video that Ben posted on YouTube, simply titled "just needed to get this out", his parents are both disabled. And, while they love him, they don't want to hear about his "lifestyle". His parents have also been told by their church that their disabilities are "God's way of punishing them for not fixing" Ben. The church told Ben's parents just to let him kill himself.

Ben feels alone. And helpless. As many people in his situation do.

Check out this video, and if you can, let Ben know that there are people out there that are thinking of him.