Over the last few decades, Grand Rapids has become a center for art in the state of Michigan.  ArtPrize is a huge catalyst for Grand Rapids' artistic growth, but the city has always had an artistic side.  Now, in 2016, you can walk around downtown and see art at almost every corner.  Statues and sculptures dot the landscape and massive murals adorn the sides of buildings.

We've never really had a catalog of the murals in Grand Rapids, but one local Redditor decided to start to document all of them and made a map with corresponding pictures.  The map and photos are posted on Grand Rapids' local Wikipedia page.  The page has 'The G Rap Map' Mural, the Giant Kendal Mural, and the Monkey Mural just to name a few!  So next time you are downtown, be sure to pull up the map and check out some of the murals nearby!

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