Lupita Nyong'o continues to make her Black Panther co-star Michael B. Jordan do push-ups on command on social media over an undisclosed bet that the actor lost.

"Losing with a smile. On call push-ups!!!" the actress captioned a new video of Jordan doing a push-up Monday on Instagram.

The pair meet up and Nyong'o demands to see a push-up. Jordan, before hitting the ground, makes sure to remind Nyong'o that she only has three more push-ups left to demand.

"Payback is going to be real," Jordan says to the camera while Nyong'o embraces him. "Just tune into the payback. I promise."

Nyong'o recently had Jordan perform a single push-up in popcorn that was left behind at a Calvin Klein show during New York fashion week.

"Oh man, really!?" Jordan exclaims as he is caught off-guard by the sudden request following the fashion show.

Black Panther, which hit theaters on Friday, topped the North American box office.

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By Wade Sheridan,

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