The hunks from "Magic Mike" will be back on the big screen this summer with "Magic Mike XXL", and Warner Bros. has released the first official teaser trailer for the film. While the trailer doesn't give us much to work with as far as figuring out the plot, it's full of dancing, stripping, and shirtless men.

Check out this first glimpse into all of the dancing, shirtlessness, and general sexiness.

Producer Gregory Jacobs and the rest of the cast and crew of the film have been relatively tight-lipped when it comes to the plot of the sequel, but Jacobs did tell, "They look incredible … Their shirts are off an appropriate amount, let's put it that way! I don't think anyone's going to be disappointed."

Matthew McConaughey won't be returning for part two, but that's fine. We'll still get plenty of eye-candy by the way of Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer.

Other cast members for "Magic Mike XXL" include Jada Pinkett Smith, Michael Strahan, Amber Heard, and Elizabeth Banks.