Social distancing policies around the world have people thinking twice about entering any space that may put them in contact with large groups of people. Public transportation in Thailand had a shocking incident that resulted in a desperate search for an individual who came into contact with a COVID-19 patient.

Video footage was shared of a man sick, later confirmed to have the novel coronavirus, who spat in the face of a fellow traveler on a train in Thailand. The COVID-19 positive patient, Anon Sahoh, 56, was discovered dead on the train after the spitting incident, and tested positive afterwards, according to Metro UK.

Surveillance footage showed Sahoh spitting on an unidentified man at a train station in Bangkok. After passing a temperature check to get on the train, Sahoh was seen vomiting and coughing.

Medical testing after he was found dead on the train confirmed a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The Thailand State Railway is currently searching for the man who was possibly exposed to the COVID-19 patient.

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