Remember the days of renting VHS tapes? This North Carolina man obviously forgot.

According to ABC News, the man was arrested on Tuesday for not returning a VHS tape that he rented 14 years ago!!

It all started with a traffic stop regarding a broken tail light. When police ran James Meyer's information they discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest. Turns out it was for not returning the movie!

Meyers said he rented the Tom Green movie, Freddy Got Fingered, in 2002 and never took it back. Keep in mind, the store he rented the movie from has since been closed.

He was arrested and charged with "failing to return hired property." He will appear in court next month.

The cool thing is that Tom Green reached out to the guy after hearing about what happened and offered to help out in any way.

He also posted a video about his ordeal which you can check out below.

I wonder if he remembered to rewind the tape.