On the surface this is about a non-skateboarding man learning how to kick-flip in just over 5 hours. This is so much more, on a deeper level.

The video from Mike Boyd has been trending on Reddit the last few days. It shows Boyd teaching himself how to kick-flip. The kicker (ah, pun intended) is that Boyd has no idea how to skateboard. At 5 hours and 47 minutes he finally learned how to do the very stunt that bruised his shins, ego, and almost his cat. Impressive.

There's a lesson we can all take from Boyd's video. Focus on a realistic goal, and you will achieve it. Think about it, what's your kick-flip in life? Is it a new career? Learning to play an instrument?

Whatever it is, go about it how Boyd did. Go full in! Stop at nothing and you will succeed. Just don't let the cat try to stop you.