Allow me to introduce you to Sonny Abreu. Sonny is a known gang member. Sonny also decided to rob a disabled man at an ATM, and then push the man and his chihuahua out into moving traffic. All of these things combined have led me to name Sonny my douche of the day today.

Sonny has now been accused of robbery, attempted murder, abuse of a disabled adult, petty theft, and animal cruelty. Good.

This story does have a bit of a heartwarming side to it, though. The dog's owner, who was not injured, took the injured pooch to the vet to have her broken leg treated. Though, according to The SunSentinal, the man didn't have money for bus fare (since Sonny stole his wallet and all of his cash) and transported the dog seven miles to the vet on his motorized wheelchair.