Sadly, there will be no infinity for Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka as a couple — they've broken up, according to TMZand the fallout has not been pretty.

Carey and Tanaka, who have been dating officially since February (but whose romance was rumored to have started sooner), have gone their separate ways over jealousy and money issues, the site says. More specifically, Tanaka has shown his grudging side over Carey's friendly relationship with ex Nick Cannon. Carey and Cannon have gone on trips together and get dinner every so often for the sake of their kids, and Tanaka has evidently had enough. Carey and Cannon's joint outing to the Kids' Choice Awards was reportedly the last straw.

And Tanaka hasn't been managing his anger well, TMZ continues — he's been openly flirting with other women in front of Carey's face to get a rise out of her.

And there's more to the story: Carey is tired of bankrolling her boyfriend. Tanaka evidently has a taste for expensive jewelry (watches and chains are his favorite) and can't stop using Carey's cash to buy luxury shoes.

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