After numerous demonstrations, both peaceful and violent, Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss has committed to the "8 Can't Wait" police reform policies.

Guided by President Obama's challenge to mayors, city councils, and police oversight bodies to address police use of force policies, Mayor Bliss chose to commit to the "8 Can't Wait" police reform policies put together by Campaign Zero.

The "8 Can't Wait" policies are:

  1. Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds
  2. Require De-Escilation
  3. Require Warning Before Shooting
  4. Requires Exhaust All Alternatives Before Shooting
  5. Duty To Intervene
  6. Ban Shooting At Moving Vehicles
  7. Require Use Of Force Continuum
  8. Require Comprehensive Reporting

You can read more about what the specifics of each policy are at

Mayor Bliss made the announcement in a Facebook post on Sunday afternoon stating, "This past week, I committed to the 8 Can’t Wait policies and President Obama’s pledge to review and restrict use of force policies. There are currently investigations into complaints filed regarding the use of force against those who assembled to protest and have their voices heard. The results of those reviews will be made public upon completion."

Mayor Bliss began her statement with the acknowledgement of systemic racism in our country and talked a little bit about the demonstrations that took place in our city.

Mayor Bliss did not give a specific timeline or plan for when and how the policies would be enacted.

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