Protesters lined up outside of Troy City Hall last night to call for the resignation of the mayor of Troy, Janice Daniels, chanting "Janice is a bully!" over and over again.

Daniels is the newly-elected mayor of one of Troy, and is now at the center of a scandal for making vulgar remarks about homosexuals on her Facebook page. She posted a status update in June saying: “I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there.”

The post has been deleted, but she posted it one day after the New York legislature voted to allow gay marriage in their state. Daniels comment, which was just made public last week, has since gone viral on the Internet and caused a an uprising in Troy, as well as other communities across the state.

Denise Brogan-Kator, executive director of the gay rights organization Equality Michigan, told ABC News: “I was shocked. I was appalled. The choice of language underscores an inherent bigotry that manifests itself in discrimination. ”

Janice Daniels told that while she probably shouldn't have used that language, she believes "marriage should be between one man and one woman."