The mayor of East Haven, Connecticut is under a lot of scrutiny from the residents of the town.

A number of police officers in the city allegedly harassed Latino members of the community by detaining them for what seemed like no reason, according to federal prosecutors. The officers are now charged with civil rights violations.

But, that's not the biggest issue. When New Haven's mayor, Joseph Maturo, was asked what he was going to do to make this up to the Latino community, he answered, "I just might have tacos for dinner tonight." And it was caught on tape.

After the reporter questioned the mayor's "taco" comment, he tried to back-track on it. He defended the officers in question, saying that they are innocent until proven guilty, and reminding people that as of right now, these are simply allegations.

Once he realized that his "taco" comment could have come across as insensitive, the mayor turned to the reporter and said, “Here we go. Make it sound whichever way reporters want to make it sound. Go for it, take your best shot. This makes great news.”

Check out the video of the comment below. What do you think?