McDonald's has been going viral lately with their Grimace shake, which has cause people all over social media to make some hilarious (and sometimes dark) videos to celebrate it's existence.

@courteneycoxofficial Happy Birthday Grimace #grimaceshake ♬ original sound - Courteney Cox

But McDonald's newest drink addition isn't going to be a nationwide release. Instead, they've made something extra special to celebrate everyone in Michigan.

The folks over at Pure Michigan have teamed up with Coca-Cola and McDonald's to create what they're calling The Pure Michigan Mix.

The bright colored frozen drink combines a half and half mix of their Fanta Blue Raspberry and Sprite Lymonade flavors to make something truly Michigan.

Also even if it's not a coca-cola product, why isn't one of the flavors Vernors? Because let's be honest, any mix that's truly Michigan would include one of our favorite sodas that they already carry!

Either way- you may want to try it. Not just because the combination is probably fantastic, but you'll also have the chance to win some really great prizes with your purchase.

Pure Michigan
Pure Michigan

If you scan the QR code that comes on the the drink, you'll have your chance to win Pine Knob or Little Caesars Arena concert tickets, passes to the Michigan International Speedway, tickets to Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park or a McDonald's Arch Card.

So we get our own drink, AND we can win chances to experience some of the best things Michigan has to offer? Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a fast food special item, but count me in.

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The ‘Pure Michigan Mix’ is available for a limited time at over 500 participating Michigan McDonald’s locations and through the McDonald’s App.

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