McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon is the second oldest bar on Ionia, and after 10 years they are closing their doors.

The owners of the Irish pub, BarFly Ventures, LLC, announced their plans on revamping the entire place and re-opening McFadden's as The Waldron Public House in February of this coming year. reports

The new restaurant, pub and nightclub is named after the building's original use as a hotel in 1894."

Not only will the inside be revamped but the entire concept of the restaurant will be as well, including the menu.

The Waldron Public House will feature homemade cuisine inspired by the diverse cultures of the British Commonwealth, European and American craft beers, a cocktail menu, a late-night dance floor, and private event space on its second and third floors."

Diverse is right because the British Commonwealth includes cuisines inspired not only from the Brits but also South Africa, India, Egypt, Australia, Barbados and the U.S. It's safe to say there will be a large selection of food to choose from.

In addition, the new pub will also offer European craft beers in addition to the American ones we all love so much.

McFadden's will officially close January 30th to begin renovations.