I'm sorry to inform you, but "Sir Salts-A-Lot" has already been taken. 

Ellen Bacca over at WOOD-TV 8 tweeted a look at some of the Scottish names you can steal, if you want to, but I prefer to come up with my own.

Here's a few of my ideas:

  • Grit Rapids
  • Beet It (they use beet juice now to de-ice)
  • The Jenison Juicer
  • Michigan-Ice (You know, a play on "Michigan Nice", no? Okay, fine.)
  • Gordie Plowe (after good old number nine)
  • Squall Bunyan or Plow Bunyan
  • Gerald R. Frost
  • Gerald R. Flurry
  • Gerald R. Snowboard
  • Spready Mercury
  • AmGlaze
  • Forest Chills
  • Scraper Joe
  • Slick-Fil-A

If you want to track local snow plows now, you can do so here.

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