Mean Girls 2 is expected to disappoint fans of the original cult favorite when it debuts at 8pm tonight on ABC Family.

When Mean Girls was released in 2004 expectations were not high, as they rarely are for teen comedies.  But Mean Girls had a lot going for it...

A screenplay written by one of SNL's latest rising stars, Tina Fey, plus appearances by some of her SNL friends. 

The lead role played by Hollywood's latest "it" girl, Lindsay Lohan.  This would be the last time anybody ever thought Lindsay Lohan was "it".

The movie was well-written and has become a cult favorite over the years. 

Mean Girls opened doors for Amanda Seyfried, who played Karen one of the Plastics.  This was Seyfried's first film having only appeared on All My Children and As The World Turns previously. 

Seyfried has gone on to the fame and critical acclaim that was predicted for Lohan, including lead roles in Mamma Mia, ChloeLetters To Juliet, Dear John, and an ongoing role on HBO's Big Love.

But Seyfried does not provide Mean Girls' only connection to successful HBO series'. 

True Blood fans, such as myself, may recognize Lizzy Caplan who played Janis one of Lohan's friends on Mean Girls.  Caplan also played Amy Burley, Jason Stackhouse's girlfriend on True Blood in Season 1.

And this brings us to Mean Girls 2.  If you're looking for good reviews, you're not going to find them.  If you're looking for big names, you're not going to find them.  Mean Girls 2 stars:  Jennifer Stone, Meaghan Martin, and Diego Gonzalez Boneta.  Who, who, and who?!     

If you loved the first Mean Girls you may want to give it a try, but keep your expectations low for this straight-to-TV sequel.