Elvis & Presley are in the building!

These two precious kittens are only 2-months-old and currently up for adoption at the Humane Society of West Michigan.

Andy Rent/TSM
Andy Rent/TSM

Elvis (male) and Presley (female) are brother and sister, from the same litter and also have two other siblings. Elvis is all black and Presley is tuxedo in color (black and white). They haven't been spayed and neutered yet which means you can adopt them but you won't be able to take them home right away. But they will be soon!

They are too sweet and lovable not to adopt and make a part of your family :)

Kittens are always $95 at the Humane Society and adult cats (5 months and older) have their fee waived.

Remember, the Humane Society of West Michigan is 100% donor funded so if you weren't able to make a donation in 2016, consider making one this year. Donations can be monetary or in-kind. You can find more info here.