Every week, the folks from the Humane Society of West Michigan stop by with a new furry friend to be named as Wendy’s Pet Of The Week. Every week I can't wait to see who they’ll bring to visit.

This week, Ashley from the Humane Society, dropped by with Mad Hatter!

Mad Hatter is 9-weeks old, and comes from the litter of six. He and all of this siblings were named for characters from Alice in Wonderland. All his brothers and sisters have been adopted, so Mad Hatter is hoping a new home is out there for him, too.

Cats love other cats, especially kittens, so if you have a cat, Mad Hatter might make the perfect addition. However, the Humane Society is running a two-for-one special.  So the price for Mad Hatter would include another cat of your choice if you like.