Ozzy Pawsbourne, a super-adorable two-year-old boxer/Chow Chow mix came to visit me today!

Jen, from the Humane Society of West Michigan, brought Ozzy in to the studios. He quickly made friends with every single person in the office. 

Ozzy is young and pretty active, so he would do better with an active family.

Jen also gave us some cold-weather tips to help take better care of our four-legged friends during the winter months: remember that if you're cold, your pet is also cold; keep walks short at this time of year; be sure to wipe off your pets' paws when you come inside, especially if they've walked where de-icer has been used; and be sure to bang on your car's hood before starting it (as stray cats like to curl up under the hood where it's warm in the winter.

You can get all the information on Ozzy and more cold weather tips, by visiting the society’s website or by calling (616) 453-8900.