Peter is our Pet of the Week this week because he is too cute resist! Plus, he's got a great personality and will fit right in whether you're alone or have a family.

With short stumpy legs and floppy ears, Peter is a true Beagle. He likes to go on walks and loves to smell everything. He currently has a roommate at the Humane Society and they get along well so if you have a dog in the home and are interested in Peter, you can always do a dog-to-dog meeting to see how they interact.

Since Peter is 7-years-old he is FREE to adopt from the Humane Society of West Michigan. Dogs, 7 years and up, are part of the 'Silver Paws Society' which is a great way to highlight the seniors at the shelter.

February isn't over yet which means the month of love continues! All month, the Humane Society has had a Some Bunny to Love special, where rabbits had their fees waived. It's been so successful that there is ONLY ONE bunny left to adopt so get to the Humane Society now so you can be the one to love that bunny.

Humane Society of West Michigan
Humane Society of West Michigan

If you want to do a good deed you can become a foster pet parent! It's one of the major programs that the Humane Society of West Michigan has.

On Monday March 13th, the Humane Society will be hosting a Foster Open House from 6-7:30p, for anyone who's interested or wants information on becoming a foster parent.

There is no time limit on how long a pet can stay with you and it's a good way to get the animals out of the shelter and let potential adopters know how these animals are in a home setting.

You can find more info on the flyer attached or by calling the Humane Society at 616.453.8900.