Every Wednesday, the Humane Society of West Michigan brings in a new friend to be named as "Wendy's Pet Of The Week". This week, Carlita brought Thumper the bunny in to meet me! 

Thumper is a one and a half year old Netherlands Dwarf rabbit who is super sweet and really cuddly.  If you've dealt with rabbits before, it's important to note that this breed is a bit smaller than some others. Thumper would make any family a wonderful pet. Rabbits are more work that you would think, but for the right person, Thumper would be perfect.

The Humane Society of West Michigan has also extended their Feline Frenzy special. Right now you can get two kittens for only $10 OR two full grown cats for only $5!  Be sure to check out their website, and you can always give them a call at 616-453-8900.