Research shows why men lie, and it's a fairly simple reason.

They lie when their masculinity is threatened.

This comes from the Daily Mail, which reports on a study lead by an associate professor of psychology at the University of Washington.

Here's how the research played out, men were asked to do a strength test, and researchers told SOME they did poorly. The results show those who were told they did badly exaggerated on a questionnaire that asked questions about their car, hobbies and sexual partners.

Those who were told they did poorly on the strength test listed more male stereotypical cars (think 4x4s), male hobbies, and exaggerated how many sexual partners they've been with to compensate for how the poor review made them feel.

So, how about the guys who were told they did well on the strength test? Psychologists say they exaggerated NOT ONE of these characteristics.

The study is interesting, read the full story and results here.