Rush University Medical Center

A 14-year-old in Chicago wanted to cheer up his mom while she was at the hospital on Saturday getting chemo.  So he wrote a message in the snow outside her window that said, "Hi Mom.  God Bless U."  But he ended up inspiring MORE than just her, because a bunch of OTHER patients saw it.

On Saturday, a 48-year-old woman named Sharon Hart was at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago for her third straight day of chemotherapy.



Sharon has leukemia, and obviously wasn't feeling well.  But after visiting, her 14-year-old son William called her on his cell phone and told her to look out the window.



And on the top level of the parking garage, he'd carved out a message in the snow that said "Hi Mom", and the "O" was a smiley face.  Which DID cheer her up a little bit.



Then later, William decided to leave a message for OTHER patients.  So along with his dad and uncle, he started adding the words "God Bless You All."



Unfortunately, he ran out of room, and could only fit in, "God Bless U."  But it didn't matter, because it ended up inspiring a BUNCH of patients, doctors and nurses.



And late that night, one of the nurses snapped a photo of it, which is now all over Facebook.  So it's inspired thousands of OTHER people online.