The Bath Township PD posted something "serious" on their Facebook page just ahead of the holiday and if you haven't before, now would be the time to listen to the police because this is solid advice.

NO ONE and we truly mean NO ONE will watch your grainy fireworks video. You won't ever even watch it. So sit back and enjoy the fireworks with your phone in your pocket. Please don't make your friends tap through 20 minutes of fireworks snapchats.


Sure, some firework shows are a little more exciting than others, but for the most part fireworks are fireworks. And if you do feel so inclined to post a video on social media maybe stick to one [non-continuous] video... at least something that will make people go "HOLY BLEEPING BLEEP!"

Of course, though, safety should be your number one concern.

Also, residency for students learning to become doctors around the USA usually starts July 1st. So, when you get drunk and stupid with fireworks guess who treats you at the hospital... a student. Good luck.

The incredible post doesn't end there. Let's not forget about those hashtags.

Notice the Joe Dirt references. But ohh lawwd #BackUpTerry had me laughing out loud.

One thing is for sure, the officers in Bath Township really need to consider comedy as a side gig.

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