As was made clear in a recent rape trial involving a certain influential banker and a maid, it's hard to judge someone as fairly as the US legal system would like us to. Especially if you're shady. We probably won't believe your defense if we question your character or integrity.

But Michael Jackson, he gets special rules because he's really famous. And dead.

See, in the upcoming manslaughter trial, starring Dr Conrad Murray, many aspects of Jackson’s dark past won’t be taken into account. That's totally fine, right?

And so, even though it's pretty widely accepted that Michael Jackson battled an addiction to painkillers in his past, Murray’s attorneys won’t be able to bring it up because Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor has barred testimony from a half-dozen doctors who have said that Michael was drug-dependent.

So basically, they'll only be able to say that Conrad Murray gave him drugs, and as a result of that, broke the law. And should go to prison.

Of course, there fans of the King of Pop who will think that this is exactly the way we should go about our business, not judging people by the things they’ve been accused of in the past.

Murray has admitted that he gave MJ Propofol, but the defense attorneys suggest that it was Jackson who administered the fatal dose himself, while Murray was out of the room.

Well, it seems impossible to prove either side of this argument. More tricky is going to be finding an impartial jury. It’s obvious that there is a very good chance that, whoever is called upon, they’ll either love him or hate him.

And of course, the courthouse will be swarmed by Michael Jackson fans, dressed like him and holding up signs about how Conrad Murray is a murderer who should burn in hell for taking away the most important person in their lives.

Of course, that may work to the prosecutions advantage. If you were berated by a gang of rowdy people wearing sequined gloves and leather jackets, wouldn't you want to disagree with everything they're saying? Even if it's somehow proved that Conrad Murray choked Michael Jackson to death with his own facemask?

The trial is slated to start sometime this month. Let the circus commence.