When you think of the smartest cities in America you probably have a few that instantly come to mind.

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Maybe you're thinking it has to be somewhere like Boston, since they're the home of Harvard. Or maybe the home of America's capital Washington D.C. must be full of our best and brightest, right? Not quite.

It turns out, the smartest city in America is located right here in Michigan, and it's more accessible than you would think.

Ann Arbor Has Been Named Smartest In America

City of Ann Arbor

The folks at Wallethub decided to crunch the numbers to see where the smartest people in America reside, and it turns out the brightest and most brilliant call Ann Arbor their home.

And no, it doesn't mean you have to be smart to live there, but if you want to be in like company if you're educated, you might really enjoy your neighborhood in this city on the east side of the state.

Downtown Ann Arbor, Google
Downtown Ann Arbor, Google

They found that the most High School and College diploma holders per capita call Ann Arbor their home. But, that doesn't mean that the University of Michigan is the smartest school in the US.

In fact, University of Michigan was named the fourth in the country for average quality of university. So while going to Michigan won't instantly make you a genius, their high graduation rate and local retention of graduates makes it a great placed to find like-minded company.

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Other Michigan cities did decently as well, Grand Rapids made number 62 on the list, while Flint was 125th in the country in the same survey.

So, if you're looking to live amongst people as smart as you obviously are, maybe Ann Arbor is calling your name.

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