A Michigan surgeon has been dropping some knowledge on TikTok.

Anthony Youn, a a holistic plastic surgeon from Detroit has garnered quite a following on TikTok for his useful information on simple things like how to stop hiccups, and how to overcome your fear of needles when getting a shot.

But this week, he dropped a video about the three things you should know before getting plastic surgery and I will just say this, if you're a smoker, this may be the best reason I've ever heard to stop.

Yup, you heard that correctly, you're nipples may turn black and fall off. That's something I never knew before, nor did I want to, but thanks?

To be honest, I'm okay with the cocaine, and as far as the pig skin goes, why not be a human football?

When he's not grossing us out with nipples falling off of your body, some of Dr. Youn's advice seems pretty sound. This one on lemon and water diets is pretty good advice.

And this one I talked about earlier, concerning how to get rid of hiccups and how to distract yourself from needle fear is also extremely helpful.

Here's some more medical hacks from the good doctor:  for itchy mosquito bites, the doctor says there is a simple fix: applying antiperspirant to the area, which will relieve the itch. An ear scratch will relieve the tickle in your throat and to supercharge your brain – go over your notes right before you go to sleep and your brain’s going to help you remember it the next morning.

You can tap into more of his advice on his TikTok page.


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