Great news for nurses in Michigan, you enjoy the 2nd highest annual salary among all the nurses in the United States (adjusted for cost of living).  The only state that boasts better salaries for nursing is Oregon.

Michigan also ranks really high in opportunities for nurses, which makes total sense because we have some amazing hospitals all across the state.  Nationally, Michigan ranks 11th in opportunities for nursing careers.

But it's not all good news for Michigan nurses, we rank really low (43rd) in the working environment.  Since we don't work in the industry, we aren't quite sure why the working environment is so poor. has ranked the best and worst states for nurses and overall, Michigan ranks in the middle.  We did see some good results for certain aspects of nursing, but overall we came in at 33rd.  Check out the map below to see the rest.

Source: WalletHub used 2 major dimensions (Opportunity & Competition and Work Environment) and dozens of metrics within those dimensions to determine their rankings.  You can check out the entire list here and the methodology they used here.

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