Travis Barrette, a student at Mason County Central High School in Scottville, Mich., says that while he has not been suspended or expelled, he has been banned from the campus of the school. Why? He claims it's because he was flying a Confederate flag on his truck.

In a Facebook post Friday, Barrette said:

I cannot walk on school ground etc. But yet im [sic] not expelled so how am i supposed to do my schooling.

Mason County Central School District Superintendent Jeff Mount told the Mason County Press, that that isn't exactly the case:

He was not banned. His flag was banned as he was asked not to fly it on campus as it has caused a disruption in the past, and will likely cause more disruption to our safe and orderly environment we are responsible for maintaining. He disagreed and was told he could park off campus.

Mount also told the Ludington Daily News that they would like Barrette to return to school, it is simply his flag that is not allowed on the premises.

Barrette posted a link to the piece from the Ludington Daily News on his Facebook page on Wednesday and reiterated that he had been told he himself was not allowed on school property.