But there is a caveat: Federal approval. 

The Michigan State House of Representatives voted to go to one permanent time on Tuesday, thus eliminate the spring forward and but only if the Federal government does the same.

The hero for me is Representative Michele Hoitenga of Manton, who introduced House Bill 4052, which would give Michigan two options to eliminate a twice yearly time change.

The bill allows for the state to go with either a permanent Daylight Saving Time, or a permanent Standard Time, depending on what the US Congress decides.

The bill now goes to the State Senate, where it appears to have the numbers for approval, and then be signed into law by Governor Whitmer.

According to MLive.com, the bill lays a path forward should Congress approve a similar law. If not, Michigan can then make up which way it would want to go, with many leaning toward permanent Daylight Saving Time.

Thus far, 28 states have produced legislation to eliminate the time change, hoping to goad Congress into a national decision on it.

We're a step closer, only time will tell. (pun intended)

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