It's pretty safe to say that Michiganders are divided about Whitemer's governance during the coronavirus pandemic. Some Michiganders have protested the stay-at-home order, while others support it.  But whichever side people are on, most of you have been somewhat civil about your disagreements.

However, not everyone is acting appropriately, and that includes a Michigan man who was charged with threatening to kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer and attorney general Dana Nessel.

According to a New York Times article, Robert Tesh, a 32-year-old man from Detroit, was charged with a 'false report of threat of terrorism' after authorities received a tip that he had sent 'credible threats' to an acquaintance on multiple social media platforms.

The messages were sent on April 14th, and it only took a few hours after they were sent for Detroit police to find Tesh and arrest him at his home.  There has been no mention of was said in the messages but the charges could carry up to a 20 year prison sentence.

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