A West Michigan man is behind bars and facing some serious charges after allegedly throwing hot coffee into the face of a gas station clerk and then stealing the cash register.

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According to the Ottowa County Sheriff's Office, They were able to track down and arrest 22-year-old Austin Buter of Zeeland on Tuesday, January 23rd.

Austin Buter mug shot courtesy of Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office
Credit: Canva / Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office

What Is Austin Buter Charged With?

On Thursday, January 24th, Buter was arranged in the 58th District Court and hit with several charges including unarmed robbery and being a habitual offender.

How Much Jail Time Do You Get For Unarmed Robbery In Michigan

Michigan Penal Code (750.530)  states that

Assault with intent to rob and steal being unarmed—Any person, not being armed with a dangerous weapon, who shall assault another with force and violence, and with intent to rob and steal, shall be guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not more than 15 years.


What Happened During The Robbery?

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office says that Buter entered the Oasis Mobile Mart on Adams St early Christmas morning.

He poured himself a coffee, walked up to the register and after being told how much he owed he tossed the hot coffee into the clerk's face and then took off with the cash register.

coffee set up at a gas station

The temperature of coffee at gas stations can vary, and it's typically, brewed at temperatures ranging from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

burned skin being treated by a doctor

At 150 degrees human skin can suffer 3rd degree burns after only two seconds.

Thankfully the clerk who suffered burns on her chest and neck has since recovered.

What Happens Next?

The judge set Buter's bond at $25,000 and he remains in custody at the Ottawa County Jail.

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