While the Michigan men made it through to the Elite Eight in the NCAAs, it was the Michigan women who have a more thrilling tale to tell.

The Michigan men's basketball team advanced to the Elite Eight of the NCA Tournament for the fourth time in eight years, dismantling Florida State 76-58 on Sunday in Indianapolis.

They will try and make it to the Final Four Tuesday night at 9:50pm, as they play for the East Regional title against UCLA.

It was another team effort for the Wolverines as they went inside to big men Hunter Dickinson and Franz Wagner at will in the second half to blow the game open.

The women's team, meanwhile, lost in overtime to perennial power Baylor 78-75 to see their tournament run come to a close in the Sweet 16.

But it was the trip home from Texas that the Wolverine ladies will probably remember most.

Their charter flight back to Ann Arbor hit heavy turbulence while flying through thunderstorms, causing the plane to drop altitude dramatically.

Assistant Coach Toyelle Wilson tweeted immediately after the incident.

The incident triggered the oxygen masks to drop down, as the cabin became depressurized. A scarier scenario was averted when the pilot made an emergency landing in Evansville, Indiana.

No one was hurt in the incident, and after a six our delay and some pizza, the team was on another flight back to Michigan, landing at Willow Run airport at 5:53 am Sunday morning, making for an incredibly long day for the squad.

The Michigan men's team also had a close call on a plane, skidding off the runway while flying to the Big 10 tournament in DC back in 2017. No one suffered any injuries in that incident either.




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