The transfer portal has been a highway in and OUT of Ann Arbor lately.

First, the good news. Joe Milton, the starting Michigan quarterback in 2020 graduated in less than three years. A smart kid, to be sure.

The bad news? He's entering the transfer portal as a graduate transfer.

The 6-5 signal caller has three years of eligibility left, so he would make a great prize for a college program. Central Michigan, maybe? As a Chippewa fan, I can dream, can't I?

Milton got off to great start this season, leading the Wolverines to a huge opening win over Minnesota. However, later in the season he began to struggle with his accuracy, and was eventually replaced by back up Cade McNamara in the middle of the Rutgers game.

McNamara is expected to compete for the position with incoming freshman J.J. McCarthy in 2021.

Milton is now one of over 100 NCAA quarterbacks in the NCAA transfer portal. there are only 130 teams in the NCAA college football bowl subdivision, so there's a LOT to choose from -- so good luck, Joe, we hardly knew ye.

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