Look at their little faces! As if they could get any cuter, these puppies rescued by McKenzie's Animal Shelter in Lake Odessa are named after characters from the hit show "Schitt's Creek".

Fox 17 reports that that the pups - Alexis, Jocelyn, Roland, Johnny, David, and Patrick - and their mom, Moira, were among dozens of animals rescued from a hoarding situation late last year.


Autumn Russell-Hubert, general manager at Mackenzie's, tells Fox 17, "We got them when they were about two and a half weeks old. It took a while for them to get where they were [ready] to be adopted."

  Once they were ready to find forever families, the pups' fun names helped grab a lot of attention on social media -- including that of "Schitt's Creek" creator and star, Dan Levy, who plays David on the show.  

Some exciting stuff happened yesterday! We posted on our Mackenzie's Twitter account that one of our Schitt's Creek puppies, David, got adopted, and the actor who plays David on the show, Dan Levy, liked the tweet.

Russell-Hubert tells Fox 17 they were really surprised to see that Levy had responded: "We looked and made sure-sure, and like, 'Oh my gosh, it's really him!"

That caught the eye of a Canadian news outlet, who picked up the story and shared about the puppies.

All of the "Schitt's Creek" puppies have been adopted, but Mackenzie's says their mom Moira is still available -- let's help Moira find her forever home! You can find information on adopting
Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary/ Twitter
Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary/ Twitter

Mackenzie's also has a new crew of pups up for adoption- named after Marvel characters!  

If you'd like to support Mackenzie's Animal Shelter, you can donate here.

Oh, and if you're not familiar with "Schitt's Creek", I was late to the party too - I actually just started watching on Netflix, and I am OBSESSED. It's funny, weird, sweet -- and award winning: Shchitt's Creek nabbed a record-breaking nine Emmys in September, the first show to ever sweep all categories in its field.

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