In person dining at restaurants could return to Michigan as soon as February 1st with some new restrictions in place.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the extension of several COVID-19 restrictions today during a press conference but she hopes that the extended restrictions on dining in at restaurants will be lifted by the end of the month.  The announcement came after the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association prematurely posted on social media that in person diding would return to the state on February 1st.

It's no guarantee that in person dining will return at the end of the month, but if the current daily COVID-19 infection rate continues to drop, it will be very likely.

According to an article by, "If Michigan’s COVID-19 numbers keep declining, Whitmer said indoor dining may be allowed to restart Feb. 1 with mask requirements, capacity limits and a curfew."

The restaurant industry is one of the hardest hit during the pandemic and it's likely that these next coming months could make or break some restaurants.  Lets hope the infections stay low and that we can start to get back to business as the winter begins to turn into spring.

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