Starting August 15th, if you want to smoke in East Lansing, you'll probably have to go for a long walk.  This semester Michigan State University is banning tobacco products on their campus.

The ban will target all forms of tobacco: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vaporizers, E-Cigarettes, hookahs, and any other recreational tobacco.  Michigan State University officials say that their students and staff don't have to quit, but they need to make arrangements to smoke outside of MSU's 5,200 acre campus.

Many students are in opposition to this new ban and claim that despite the hefty $150 for a first offense, people will still smoke when and where they want.

The Detroit Free Press gave these 5 things to know about the MSU tobacco ban:

  1. The ban begins August 15 and applies to all MSU-owned property, including parking lots used for tailgates.
  2. All tobacco products, including E-Cigarettes and chewing tobacco, are prohibited.
  3. The ban prohibits tobacco use inside personal vehicles on MSU property.
  4. Violating the ban could result in a $150 ticket for the first offense.
  5. MSU is the sixth Big Ten school to ban tobacco use on its property.