The popular Facebook group "Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine" was shutdown on Wednesday.  The group had over 380,000 members when it was removed.

Garrett Soldano, one of the founding members of the page, took to his twitter to show his outrage and to promote his new group Stand Up Michigan.

When Soldano was reached for comment by Mid-Michigan NOW, he said that the removal of his group was a shock because he had been following the Facebook guidelines and removing comments that were inappropriate as quickly as they were posted.

It is not entirely clear why the Facebook group was removed, but a couple of speculations are that it goes against the new Facebook COVID-19 and coronavirus misinformation policy or the fact that members of the group were posting violent threats (which were removed by group admins when reported) against the Governor of Michigan.

Stand Up Michigan and its founder Garrett Soldano did not seem to be involved in the protests on Thursday.

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