Any Michigan resident will tell you that the weather here is more than a little messed up. Now we have proof.

Scientists studying data from 1951 to 2010 have found that Michigan's climate is changing. Is getting better or worse? That may depend on how much you love winter.

According to this article, published recently at, scientists studied two separate 30 year periods of Michgan weather, 1951-1980 and 1981-2010. Their conclusion?

Michigan’s climate has measurably changed: warmer air, warmer water, more extreme weather events, and wetter days.

The plus side to this has been increased agricultural productivity, and the down side has been nutrient run off into the Great Lakes responsible for the massive algae blooms like the one Lake Erie had in 2014 when almost a fifth of the lake was covered with the green stuff.

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Winter sports enthusiasts won't be happy to learn, winter is getting shorter and will continuue to be shortened in the foreseeable future.

Scientists project that the number of cold — below 32°F — days per year across Michigan will decrease by between 20 and 25.

However, if you hate winter, that may be the best news ever.

The source material for the article is the 2015 Michigan Climate and Health Report.

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