Dating is hard. Especially in a digital age where most people are relying on apps to make a love connection, therefore making it easier for people to ghost/flake or be inauthentic. THEN throw a global pandemic on top of it all and dating is nearly impossible. With all that said, it's no surprise people tend to turn to the internet for love advice.

A new report from CenturyLinkQuote used Google search volume to find the burning questions Americans want answers to when it comes to relationships, and then broke it down by each state. The most popular question, asked in 20 states, was "best dating apps" which shows singles are ready to look for love... or maybe just a hook-up (if that's the case, the answer to which app to use is pretty obvious).

But let's turn to Michigan who's most Googled relationship question is "when to text back?" *Sighh* this hits close to home for a lot of us who have been in the dating world for the last decade. You don't want to seem too eager but you also don't want to miss your chance so when is the appropriate time to text back? Well it might depend on how long you've been together or if you just met. AHHH so many questions over a text message at this point it's so overwhelming you might just say "F this" all together.

I know, this all sounds silly but this is dating in 2021. So if you find yourself in this situation either now or in the future, I Googled the question to come up with some reasonable answers to help you out.

  • According to this article from Business Insider, if it's a new crush don't wait any longer than 1-3 hours to respond otherwise the conversation will go stale. However, the longer the relationship continues the patience for a quick text reply starts to go down.
  • A relationship expert told Elite Daily that when you wait a day or a week to text back the other person will assume you're not interested
  • Cosmopolitan has a breakdown of response times and what it means.
  • What if it's someone you just met? A dating columnist told LifeHacker that you shouldn't play the waiting game and the appropriate thing to do (if you're interested) is to text them before the day is over that way you can solidify yourself in their memory.

Bottom line, don't play mind games. Who wants to start off a new relationship playing games anyway?

The top three Googled questions for 2021 were:

  1. Best Dating Apps (20 states)
  2. How to Kiss (7 states)
  3. TIED: Am I in Love? & Does He Like Me (6 states each)

Get the full breakdown with the map below.

Courtesy of CenturyLinkQuote
Courtesy of CenturyLinkQuote
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