Miley Cyrus has been getting quite a bit of attention while out on her Bangerz tour, but not necessarily for what some would call the "right" reasons. She's talked about for gyrating on an effigy of Bill Clinton, suggestively grabbing her crotch, and kissing Katy Perry. But, there has to be some redeeming qualities to the tour, right? I mean, no one has out-right complained about the shows.

Well, I think I came across one of those redeeming qualities this afternoon. Miley did an AMAZING cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya" at her show in Tacoma, Wash. and thankfully someone got video of it. 

I've long said that Miley is a fantastic singer. If not for her antics, I'm sure that her haters would be applauding her for her talents. And this video proves what I've said all along. Girl can sing.