Have you ever made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare before your flight leaves only to be told that the flight you have reservations for was overbooked and you will not be able to board the aircraft?  Well, if it has happened to you, you are owed some monetary compensation from the airlines! 

The United States Department of Transportation passed airline regulations in 2011 that make airlines compensate passengers who are booted from their flights.  The catch is that the airlines DON'T have to tell you they owe you money.  Chances are they will offer you other forms of compensation in the form of flight vouchers or frequent flier miles, but don't be fooled!  Read an excerpt from the law below, and for more information, check out this article by The Hustle.

Under the new rule, bumped passengers subject to short delays will receive compensation equal to double the price of their tickets up to $650, while those subject to longer delays would receive payments of four times the value of their tickets, up to $1,300.  Inflation adjustments will be made to those compensation limits every two years. - Transportation.gov

So don't let the airlines take of advantage of you.  Know your right to take your flight!