As the UAW strike at GM enters the fifth day, 49,000 GM employees are not working, and according to WOOD-TV, only earning $250/week, which means as they fight for wage equality and better benefits, they’re also having to tighten their belts, financially.

Here in West Michigan at the GM plant on Burton and Burlingame, in Wyoming, we have just over 1,000 employees on the picket lines, MLive reported.

So it was really cool to see Mitten Pizza in Middleville post on their Facebook page that they were on their way to the picket lines at the Wyoming plant, to feed the workers on strike.

Their post read:

We’re off to surprise the GM employees on strike in Grand Rapids with free mitten pizza for lunch!!


We stand by these hard workers 100%


The response in the comments to their post have been mostly positive including some of the employees on strike commenting on how much they appreciated the support and pizza.

Pretty cool gesture since a lot of the interviews I've seen, including this one from the Detroit Free Press, the workers are striking for an ultimately bigger purpose:

But the laborers my Free Press newsroom colleagues talk to on the picket lines regularly expressed their desire to strike a blow in a broader struggle against income inequality, regressive taxes and anti-labor government policies.

and this quote in the same story, from a UAW worker on the picket lines:

"I'm not scared, I'm hopeful. Because we're determined," Birdsong said. "We will rally together for the middle class."

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