Last fall, a blogger known as "Cop's Wife" became a bit of an internet celebrity after writing a blog about her 5-year-old titled "My Son Is Gay". The first two sentences of the blog were "Or he's not. I don't care." In the blog she discussed her decision to allow her son to dress as Daphne from "Scooby Doo" for Halloween. The blog went viral, and she was even featured on The Today Show to talk about her decision to allow her son to be whoever he wanted to be.

Well, it turns out that the church that she attends wasn't very happy about the blog, and she claims that she was "threatened" by the pastor. According to a new post on her blog, the pastor of the church told her that other church members were worried that she was "promoting gayness." She also says that the pastor accused her of breaking the eigth commandment by "bearing false witness" against the moms who made disparaging remarks about her son's costume. If she didn't "repent," apologize to the moms and take down the Halloween blog post, she claims, she was threatened with being barred from taking communion and being kicked out of the congregation.

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What do you think? Would you allow your son to dress as a girl for Halloween? Or at any time? Do you think that the church is going to far?