More evidence of sexual misconduct against William Strampel has been submitted by the Michigan Attorney General according to the Detroit Free Press.

Two women reached out to the Attorney General days after Strampel was arrested and said they have had interactions with Strampel similar to those that were in an affidavit in support of Strampel's arrest. The women who are being labeled Witness 1 and Witness 2.

Photo: Michigan Attorney General's Office
Photo: Michigan Attorney General's Office

From the Free Press report, the AG is currently trying to get their testimony admitted to a preliminary hearing about Strampel that is set for June. The testimony the AG's Office has moved to admit will support the evidence that Strampel "acted with sexual intent as a motive" during his time as dean when he propositioned female students for sex and groped two female students.

Witness' 1 & 2 both claim they were asked to be "clinical skills models" for students at Michigan State's College of Osteopathic Medicine. According to their accusations, Strampel performed breast and pelvic exams on them sometimes with no audience.

Witness 1 was a student from Central Michigan who was contracted to be a clinical skills model and was paid in cash up to $100 per hour. Strampel then would perform various exams on her and according to the investigators Witness 1 talked to it included "a breast examination, an anal examination that included the penetration of the anus, a pelvic examination that penetrated the vagina" and all were done in front of a small group of medical students.

After a handful of times being a model for medical students, Strampel took the woman out to dinner and "told her that he became sexually excited while performing the examination, that it 'turned him on,' and that he was 'beginning to get hard,'".

Witness 2 was a prospective student who was denied to the College of Osteopathic medicine, but was given the offer to be a clinical skills model by Strampel. Strampel reportedly took her into a private exam room and performed breast and pelvic exams on her. Investigators taking with Witness 2 said Strampel paid her in cash and promised her future entry into the college despite lower test scores than the average admit to MSUCOM.

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