We kind of thought this was understood, but apparently, it has to be said, don’t try to actually bubble wrap the 100th Street Bridge.

Earlier this week a Facebook Event invite went viral which was encouraging people to come to the 100th Street Bridge on US 131, Saturday between noon and 6 pm, and help bubble wrap it since it’s been hit five times just in 2018.

According to WOODTV, Michigan State Police sent out a press release with the warning that they are:

“Strongly advising against this event and strict enforcement action will be taken if necessary.”


It’s not confirmed that anyone actually plans to try to bubble wrap the bridge, but the invite for the event on Facebook has 389 people “going” and over two thousand people “interested” in the event.  I honestly believe that most (hopefully all, but I’m not naïve) people realize this was meant as a joke and not a real event.

Either way, don’t test it, because MSP will be waiting to burst your bubble(wrap).

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