So, Mtn Dew is doing a new promotion where they have a different bottle for each state, and if you collect all the different bottles, you can win a $100 prepaid gift card from the soda company.

Well, there's only one problem... in all their promo material for the promotion, they seem to have given the U.P to Wisconsin. As you can see in this screenshot from one of the Mtn Dew Commercials posted on YouTube, the U.P. is the same color as Wisconsin

Mt. Dew/YouTube
Mt. Dew/YouTube

By the way, the screenshot came from the video FOR MICHIGAN!


As of Tuesday afternoon, Mtn Dew doesn't seem concerned with making it right...because all the same marketing material is still up, although the satire Twitter account for the Upper Peninsula  had a good remedy,

Fix this, or send a free case to all my residents. Your call.



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