A few days ago, a friend sent me a meme that instantly filled me with an intense sense of nostalgia that I didn't even know that I had.

The meme, shared by that80sand90spage on Instagram, simply stated, "I act like I'm alright, but deep down I miss..." and then included a photo of a restaurant sign - that restaurant? Bennigan's. I immediately responded with "I really DO miss Bennigan's" and she quipped that their "broccoli bites were fire."

A friend and I used to meet at the Bennigan's which was once located on Alpine Ave. in Grand Rapids at least once per month. (That location is now home to a vitamin store and a place that sells mattresses.) Sadly, back in 2008, the majority of the Bennigan's locations across the country closed when their parent company filed for bankruptcy.

Bennigan's Reportedly Closing Down Nationally
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The chain, which was Irish-themed and had a menu that included their "world famous" Monte Cristo, all but disappeared. The only locations that remained open were those that were independently owned.

Bennigan's via Facebook
Bennigan's via Facebook

Are There Any Bennigan's Restaurants Left in the World?

The short answer is "yes". There are still ten Bennigan's locations scattered across the United States and fifteen more scattered in other places around the globe. (Their official website also shows that there are another nine locations "coming soon".)

There is One, Lonely, Bennigan's Remaining in Michigan

The majority of the locations that still remain in the US are in Iowa and Texas - but there is one, lonely Bennigan's location right here in Michigan.

The restaurant is located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, right by Central Michigan University.

I took a look at their menu and found some good news for my friend - they still have the broccoli bites and they're using the "original recipe". Other old favorites like the aforementioned Monte Cristo and the Turkey O'Toole are still around, too. In fact, the menu looks mostly unchanged from when I remember going there nearly two decades ago.

Bennigan's via Facebook
Bennigan's via Facebook

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So, if just reading the name "Bennigan's" filled you with a sense of nostalgia, know that you can still have all of your favorites the next time that you drive through Mt. Pleasant.

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