A man wearing nothing but a cowboy hat took a walk down the middle of I-75 in Auburn Hills during the snowstorm on Sunday.

Police eventually stopped him, but not before someone caught the bizarre scene on video.

(Note: The video contains nudity.)

The Detroit Free Press reports that around noon on Sunday, police responded to a call from surprised motorists.

Police found a 53-year-old man walking with his clothes off and his vehicle in a nearby ditch. Police transported the man to an Auburn Hills fire station and then to a hospital for examination.

Francis Gojcaj, who recorded the odd situation, told The Detroit Free Press:

"It's sad, you know, because you can only hope that there isn't some type of mental disorder here, or this man is undergoing some serious psychological issues. I have no idea what his intent was."

Police haven't yet decided if they will pursue criminal charges, such as indecent exposure.

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